1/ being reminded just this morning that it's a long weekend 2/ having a husband who upon arriving home collects up the girls & takes them out to pick up cupcakes, vids and earls take out 3/ dancing to this song over and over again 4/ a king size bed 5/ forgiveness



We are in the throes of teething over here. It ain't none too pretty is all I'll say. Our nerves are shot. We're tired. Cranky. Coffee is my drug of choice. As is Food Network in the wee hours. Thankfully le boy is ca-ute. He's starting the "dadadadada" chant which is adorably sweet. He's 'scooching' across the floor on his belly. And he sits... surrounded by pillows. Big milestones. Huge in fact. Most days we agree we'll keep him.

Sidenote: Yesterday I got him all the way into Save On before I noticed the sticker attached to his forehead. #sistershenanigans

listenin' & lovin'

This song. You can find me hummin' it at all hours.



"How many lies have I told him? I and the world both. I have repented now. I no longer tell him that he can't touch the moon from my shoulders. I tell him to stretch, and I offer to run and jump. There may be a dragon in the mulberries. I make sure to check. And I look for fish under the couch." - Nate Wilson



1/ a pair of sorel booters from my generous hubs 2/ a good dose of sunshine & snow 3/ the crazy magic that is cousins 4/ witnessing my fearless littles try new things 5/ good hard laughter

So blessed.



Some mornings we'll take it in whatever capacity we can get it. 


i don't wanna forget...

Ever, in the first few months of Pops' life, regularly shouting to Brad and I, 

"He ikes me! He eally ikes me!"

And we'd laugh and (of course) always reply, 

"Of course he does honey. Of course he does.".

Sidenote: This photo is old. Seven weeks old in fact. Where does the time go? I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat just thinkin' about it.